Home Sweet Home Magazine - December 2021

new windows, new plumbing or electrical work and even a new water heater. If you hire a professional, they will handle this portion of the job for you, but if you’re doing the project yourself, find out what permits you’ll need well before the work begins. Of course, urgent unforeseen issues are bound to pop up throughout the year, so planning a season ahead won’t always work out. But taking preemptive action may keep you from having to deal with crises like your AC failing in the heat of summer or your water heater breaking down in the winter. Keep your maintenance schedule in mind as you create your goal list for the year.

Doing remodels in the winter can save you money when plumbers, electricians, painters, brick masons and builders are typically handling less work. Similarly, tackling house painting in the early spring or late fall, building a pergola in October and installing fencing in March can all be budget-friendly off- season choices. Material costs also vary throughout the year, which could save you some money if you find a deal on end-of-season styles.

If you’re tackling the project yourself, check into the supply chain well ahead of your project date rather than assuming the supplies you’ll need are readily available at the local home improvement store. Also take into account any permits and inspections you’ll need. Your local governmental building department can provide information on whether you need a permit and what that process looks like. Some permits are handed out on the spot, while others require you to schedule an inspection before you can proceed. Larger projects often require several inspections and approvals, which can cause delays during builds and remodels. You may also be surprised at the number of projects that actually require a permit. Regulations vary widely from area to area, but you’ll typically need a permit to install a fence,

Break Down Your List by Season

Location and climate will impact your plans. What works in one area may not work in another. Similarly, an unusual weather year can force you to push out projects, or may give you the opportunity to get an early start. There isn’t one perfect season for each task, but here are some guidelines to consider. Winter Depending on where you live, winter can bring many home improvement projects to a screeching halt. In other areas, such as the South or in tropical locations, it may be the perfect time to tackle outdoor projects while the weather is mild.

Save Money Off-Season

Simply put, it will likely cost you more to have work done during the busy summer months.


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