Home Sweet Home Magazine - December 2021

the summer heat sets in. Put the following projects on your list for the season: ▶ ▶ Irrigation systems. Work the ground after the thaw and before the summer drought. Working a season ahead will ensure the system is in place when you need it during the summer. ▶ ▶ Exterior painting in dry/mild climates. This might be a multi- stage process beginning with replacing rotten window trim or completely replacing portions of siding, so get a jump on it before painting weather arrives. ▶ ▶ Build garden boxes and plant a garden. This is typically the time to get those summer veggies in the ground. ▶ ▶ Gutter replacements ▶ ▶ Fencing. If the ground is not still frozen, spring is a great time to begin a fencing project. ▶ ▶ Home addition. Depending on the size of the project, you’re probably looking at several months of work here, so start as early as the weather allows in the hopes of being done before winter rolls in again. ▶ ▶ Air conditioning. Think ahead and replace units or get them serviced before the industry heats up in summer.

the summer. Inmilder climates, however, it’s the perfect window of time for many projects such as: ▶ ▶ Replacing doors and windows ▶ ▶ Siding ▶ ▶ Building decks, patios and porches ▶ ▶ Tackling the landscaping ▶ ▶ Fencing ▶ ▶ Driveway repairs ▶ ▶ Garage door repairs Fall Some of your spring and summer tasks can roll into fall in areas where the weather stays mild. This might include: ▶ ▶ Exterior painting ▶ ▶ Roofing ▶ ▶ Building sheds

In those areas, plan to: ▶ ▶ Build a deck ▶ ▶ Complete roofing work ▶ ▶ Install hardscaping ▶ ▶ Paint exterior ▶ ▶ Fencing ▶ ▶ Work on outbuildings such as sheds, barns, etc. Typically though, winter is the season for indoor projects. Plan to tackle: ▶ ▶ Painting rooms ▶ ▶ Replacing trim ▶ ▶ Installing new flooring ▶ ▶ Updating electrical wiring, circuit panels and lighting ▶ ▶ Dealing with indoor plumbing

▶ ▶ Replacing appliances. ▶ ▶ Bathroom and kitchen

remodels. Major renovations can take several months, so digging in during the winter will allow you to finish things before moving to outdoor projects as the weather improves. If you plan to complete your room remodel in stages, push your start date out to fall. That way, you’ll avoid living in a torn-up space throughout the summer. Instead, you can tackle the main portions of the project while the weather is still fair and put the finishing tile, paint and flooring touches on as winter rolls around again. Spring In the spring, the weather is perfect for tackling outdoor projects before

▶ ▶ Replacing windows ▶ ▶ Gutter installation or replacement ▶ ▶ Fencing

In climates with early winter weather, fall is the time for cold- weather preparation. ▶ ▶ Furnace replacement ▶ ▶ Water heater repairs and replacement ▶ ▶ Fireplace and woodstove repairs ▶ ▶ Sump pump ▶ ▶ Replacing or installing weather stripping ▶ ▶ Stormdoors and shutters ▶ ▶ Snow fencing

▶ ▶ Replace screens ▶ ▶ Replace siding Summer

If you live in the south, you’ll likely focus on indoor tasks during


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