Home Sweet Home Magazine - Sept 2021

6 InnovativeWays toDeclutterPowerCords Love the convenience of smart home technologies and your personal mobile devices but find yourself constantly stumbling over power cords or frantically searching for the right charger? While modern technology has given us the freedom to multitask and be entertained upon the go, ironically, it has made us dependent on a variety of USB and other types of charging cords, adapters and power cords. As we all know, small charging cords are easy to misplace, while large power cords are bulky, often leading to a tangled, clutteredmess. Check out these easy DIY hacks to keep track of your charging cords and identify which power cord connects to which device. 1. Break out the label maker! If you own a label maker, use it to create professional-looking labels for your power cords. With the name of each device printed clearly and attached to the corresponding cord, you eliminate the guesswork of which cord connects to which device. 2. Don’t have a label maker? No problem! Organize and recycle by reusing plastic bread clips as labels. Use a permanent marker to write the name of the corresponding device on the front and back of each clip. You can take your organization efforts one step further by simply continuing to save bread clips and then assigning each type of device a particular color. For example, you can label

glass. Consumers choose from a wide selection of custom frames to match their décor. The frame serves the utilitarian function of holding the TV and mirror together, while adding an additional accent to the room. Smart Air Conditioner and Heat Controller The tado Smart Air Conditioner and Heater Controller uses advanced geofencing technology, which allows you to set the unit so it automatically turns the air or heat on when you enter your home and turns the system off when you leave. The tado control unit is compatible withmost heating and cooling systems and is easy to install. The tado system’s Smart Schedule lets you set your preferred temperatures in time blocks during the day and night, allowing you to customize your home’s temperature to sync with your personal routine. Because tado factors current weather conditions into its settings,

content, which includes a selection of 40 Disney e-books, 25 safety videos and of course, loads of cartoons. Portable mini projectors are priced to meet every budget, ranging from a low of just under $40 to a high of $600, with a number of options in the $100-$170 range.

TVs as Functional Art

A major selling point for purchasing a projector is to help you maximize space if you are pressed for room. Others simply do not like having a large TV as a major focal point in their home. The Samsung Mirror TV offers homeowners the option of having a large screen, wall-mounted TV that doubles as a mirror and is bordered by a custom-made frame. This illusion is created by an ultra-slim television with a dielectric mirror — which is simply a mirror made up of thin layers of


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